Financial Assistance Fund

The Financial Assistance Fund's goal is to help dancers who require financial assistance to attend Swing Dance Association of Victoria workshops and events. The Financial Assistance Fund is supported by donations from dancers who can pay a little bit extra to support those who can't.

The Swing Dance Association of Victoria wishes for as many people as possible to meet and dance together, no matter their financial situation. That’s why we decided to create a fund that grants financial support to people who might have difficulties paying for events. We don’t want a lack of money to get in the way of participating in the dance community.

If you need to access the Financial Assistance Fund please email us at

Who can ask for money from the fund? 

This money is intended for those who, without this fund, could not participate in events by the Swing Dance Association of Victoria. It is important to us that you know that anyone asking for support does not need to justify their situation to us. You might be a student, unemployed, or simply have high expenses and need to make difficult financial decisions. If you need this financial boost, the fund is one way the community can help you.

What pays for the fund? 

The Financial Assistance Fund is financed by a combination of community and Swing Dance Association of Victoria contributions. 

How to contribute 

If you like our idea and would like to help too, you can support this fund by contributing to it. You can going to our Square Shop and donating via the Financial Assistance Fund.