Frankie Manning and World Lindy Hop Day Picnic - May 28, 2022


Thank you to everyone who came out for the SDAV World Lindy Hop Day and Frankie Manning's Birthday Picnic! After a little bit of Victoria rain, the weather improved and the sun shone down (through some clouds) for our chatting and dancing! ☀️

Thanks to those peeps who wanted to be in this little Shim Sham video and Thank you to everyone who came out today!


International Lindy Hop Day and Frankie Manning's Birthday is a time to celebrate dancing, music, and community. Let’s have a picnic with dancing in the park again!


May 28, 2022


11am - 2pm


At the Basketball Court Near the Kids play area in Beacon Hill Park

We’ll bring some favourite songs, and the food is pretty simple. Bring something for yourself to eat! If sharing, please be mindful of ingredients and sensitivities - we want everyone to be able to enjoy this celebration. In keeping with that theme, please avoid strong scents (perfume/cologne, scented lotion) too.

No tickets are needed. All are welcome to celebrate the fun of lindy hop and the life of Frankie Manning.

Are you interested in learning more about Frankie Manning? Check out the Frankie Manning Foundation.

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