Swing Sessions with Jason and Justine, Feb 10, 2024

Lace up your shoes on February 10, 2024 for an afternoon of Shag Classes and an evening of Social Dancing with Justine and Jason.

4 Classes for everyone & 1 Social Dance!


12:20pm - Doors Open

12:30pm - Class 1

1:30pm - Class 2

2:30pm - Snack Break

3:00pm - Class 3

4:00 pm - Class 4

5:00pm - Everyone Out for Dinner 

5:15pm - You can join us at the 4 Mile Pub

8:00pm - Doors Open for Social Dancing

11:00pm - Everyone Out 

*schedule may be subject to change

Class Information

4 Classes for everyone who want to learn more Shag & 1 Social Dance!

Build confidence and expand your repertoire. These classes will broaden your Shag horizons and have you comfortable and confident enough to rip up the social dance floor. Learn some fancy-looking but easy-to-execute Shag moves that’ll impress those non-Shaggers in your life!

For this workshop, you should know the Shag basics.

Location Information

This event will take place at the View Royal Community Hall.

279 Island Highway, View Royal B.C

Instructor Information

Justine Robinson

Justine has been dancing and teaching in the Greater Vancouver swing dance scene for the past 7 years, and has been involved in many dance events and performances. She is passionate about teaching and sharing her love of jazz dance and music. Justine specializes in teaching Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag, Balboa, musicality, and partner connection.

Jason Starr

Jason Starr is a passionate dancer in the local Vancouver scene and has been exploring various types of dancing for over 25 years, from Lindy Hop and break dancing to salsa and West Coast Swing, Jason is truly a Jack of all trades. With a heavy focus on Collegiate Shag, Balboa and connection based movements, Jason's goal is to share his love of dance with all of you!

Things to Bring and Consider

Indoor shoes for dancing. We recommend shoes with suede or leather soles.

Water bottle. Stay hydrated.

Towel. Stay dry. Maybe extra shirts to change into between classes.

Wearing a mask is encouraged for events. If you are asking a person who is wearing a mask to dance or chat, please ask them if you should wear a mask. Masks are available for your use at events (for free).

For the safety of attendees with allergies and sensitivities, please avoid wearing strong scents (perfume, cologne, scented lotion) at all SDAV events.

The Fine Print

By registering for this event I agree to adhere to the Swing Dance Association of Victoria’s Code of Conduct

By registering for this event I agree to the Swing Dance Association of Victoria’s Cancellation Policy

By registering for this event I agree to the Swing Dance Association of Victoria’s Covid Plan

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