SDAV Annual General Meeting 2019


Thank you to everyone who came out and participated in our 2019 Annual General Meeting!

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Annual General Meeting Minutes

November 17, 2019

An annual general meeting of the Swing Dance Association of Victoria (SDAV), was held on November 17, 2019 at Unit Three, 134 Ontario St, Victoria. The meeting was called to order at 16:31. Dave Henderson, President in the chair, and Catie Fissel acting as Secretary.

Roll Call

Present: Catie Fissel, Dave Henderson, Ramona Scott, Alison McLeod, Andrew Sanderson, Matt Bartlett, Suzanne Pytela, and Irwin Henderson.

Regrets: David Haynes, Leslie Bird, Maria Wong, Leigh Waters, Shannon Perkins, Anthony Carr, Haley Williams, Julia Franta, and Bryan MacDonald.


A Year in Review was present by Dave Henderson.

A Treasury Report was presented by Alison McLeod.

Election Results

Nominations Committee

Committee Chair- Matt Bartlett

Committee Member- Irwin Henderson

President - Dave Henderson

Vice-President - Anderson Sanderson

Treasurer - Alison McLeod

Secretary - Catie Fissel

Director at Large - Ramona Scott

*All voted in by acclamation, passed unanimously


Dave was nominated as Chair of the meeting by Andrew Sanderson. Seconded by Catie Fissel and passed unanimously.

Dave moved that we accept Matt Bartlett as the Nomination Committee Chair and Irwin Henderson as a Nomination Committee Member. The motion was seconded by Alison McLeod and passed unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 17:21.