SDAV Annual May Picnic - May 20 2023


Swing Dance Association of Victoria (previously Lindy Hopper's Anonymous) was incorporated as a society on May 26, 2003, so we are going to celebrate with a super fun group Picnic on May 20th with our friends (all of YOU)! 

We are also celebrating Frankie Manning Day and World Lindy Hop Day, both on May 26th. 

Date, Time, Location

May 20th 2023 starting at 1pm 

Beacon Hill Park near the Lily Lake by the Cameron Band Shell, follow the music.

We'll Bring...

We’ll bring some favourite songs, some munchie snacks, and swingin' activities.

Swingin' Activities include:

- Frankie Says Shim Sham Shuffle: like Simon Says but with Jazz moves. 

- Trivia Game: It does what it says on the box, as Dave would say.

- Swing and Seek

- Group Shim Sham

You Bring...

You bring your super fun selves and a picnic blanket!

It's a party, so dress your best (whatever that means to you) and make it fun! We can't wait to see what you come up with.

It’s a potluck! Bring something to share, or something for yourself! If sharing, please be mindful of ingredients and sensitivities - we want everyone to be able to enjoy this celebration. In keeping with that theme, please avoid strong scents (perfume/cologne, scented lotion) too.

All are welcome to celebrate the SDAV's 20th Anniversary, the life of Frankie Manning and the fun of lindy hop! No tickets are required, but if you would like to make a donation or become a member to support the Swing Dance Association of Victoria and our events, please follow the links below. 

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Donate to the SDAV

Are you interested in learning more about Frankie Manning? Check out the Frankie Manning Foundation.