Swing Social Shag and Balboa Shake Out - July 16, 2022


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Lace up your dance shoes on July 16 , 2022 12pm to 5pm for classes featuring Shag and Balboa. These classes are meant to refresh, renew, restore, or just plain teach you how do dance Collegiate Shag and Balboa.


Follow our Ticket Link to buy your tickets! Sales start at noon on June 18!

If you buy tickets for someone other than yourself, please email sdaofvictoria@gmail.com to let us know who the tickets are for.


Shannon and Anthony

Anthony, a Brit, first encountered swing dancing at a well-known party event held in the Rivoli Ballroom in south London in 2008. From that moment he was hooked and dancing has been a big part of his life ever since. He even met his wife Shannon on the dance floor! Anthony taught a regular swing class in London from 2014 until he and Shannon moved across the ocean to Victoria in 2019. He’s also taught at dance weekenders, as a guest teacher for various dance schools and even danced on the telly.

Like Anthony, Shannon also started her swing dancing adventure in London. That was in 2009 and she hasn’t looked back since. With a passion for play, Shannon loves social dancing which informs her teaching style, where connection and musicality flourish. She’s been a guest teacher for various dance schools and even taught the stroll at two international music therapy conferences. Did I mention Shannon is also an accomplished musician, playing a range of styles on the guitar? She knows a thing or two about music theory which is a bonus on the dance floor.

Jody and Jeff

Jody has been dancing balboa for 6 years. She enjoys travelling to balboa events and bringing home experiences gained to share with the local community.

Jeff discovered balboa by chance at a lindy hop workshop, and once it clicked, never looked back. Jeff is now a regular at Balboa events on the west coast, and passionate about bringing more of the wonderful world of Balboa to Victoria!

Both Jody and Jeff believe that dancing should be comfortable, safe, and fun. Join us to develop your balboa into a dance that is smooth and enjoyable on the dance floor.


Beginner Collegiate Shag - 2 Classes

Maybe you learned to Shag 10 years ago, 2 years ago, or haven't learned yet. Come learn Shag basics for the first time or brush up those basics again in 2 fantastic classes with Shannon and Anthony.

Class 1 - Reelin’ With The Feelin’

Let’s get a feel for the dance. This first class is about setting the Shag groundwork, introducing the footwork, getting to grips with the rhythm(s) and feeling the Shag connection.

Class 2 - A Movin’ And A Groovin’

Building confidence and expanding the repertoire. This second class is about broadening your Shag horizons and becoming comfortable and confident enough to rip up the social dancefloor. Learn some fancy-looking but easy-to-execute Shag moves that’ll impress those non-Shaggers in your life!

Beginner Balboa - 2 Classes

You've seen the smooth shuffle out on the dance floor. If you've never done balboa or have done Red Hot Swing 3 classes this is the class for you! Or maybe you already dance Balboa but want a refresh of your basics, this is also the class for you! Come get that shuffley Balboa feeling going in 2 amazing classes with Jody and Jeff.

Class 1 - Making Balboa Fun and Comfortable

Is it your first time dancing Balboa? Does Balboa ever feel a little bit awkward or a bit clunky? It doesn't have to! We’ll start at the basics and make sure that your balboa is smooth, comfortable, and confident from the ground up. This will include some of the shapes and transitions of a couple common steps on the social dance floor!

Class 2 - A Full Dance with the Basics and Bal-Swing

The basics don’t have to be boring, in fact quite the opposite! We will dip into a little bit of bal-swing, and practice to a variety of tempo’s. The focus is on making Balboa fun and interesting for a full song, or many songs!

These classes are aimed at new dancers who haven't done Shag or Balboa before, or for dancers who want to refresh their basics (and who doesn't want that).

Schedule (subject to change)

12:15 pm - Doors and Registration. Show up for outdoor check in. Please have your QR Code Vaccine Record and Photo ID ready. If your Vaccine Record is from a different province or country, please email sdaofvictoria@gmail.com so we can have the correct checking app for you.

12:30 - 4:30 pm - 4 Classes with 15 minute rest breaks in between

4:30 - 4:45 pm - Social

5:00 pm - Out of the building. Do something and have fun!


Super Early Bird gets the Discount - available June 18 at Noon to SDAV members: $30 (only 2 tickets are available at this price and must be used by SDAV members)

Early Bird - June 18 $40 (member) / $50 (non-member)

Bird - July 2 $50 (member) / $60 (non-member)

Busy Bird - July 9: $60 (member) / $70 (non-member)

*If you register and aren't able to attend the event, please email us at sdaofvictoria@gmail.com and we will give you a credit to a future SDAV event.

Things to Bring

Indoor shoes for dancing. We recommend shoes with suede or leather soles.

Water bottle. Stay hydrated.

Towel. Stay dry.

Proof of Vaccination and Photo ID. You must be Fully Vaccinated to attend this event.

Mask. You must wear a mask for the entire event.

For the safety of attendees with allergies and sensitivities, please avoid wearing strong scents (perfume, cologne, scented lotion) at all SDAV events.


Church of Truth

111 Superior St, Victoria, BC V8V 1T2


Church parking lot in front and behind church

Superior Street: 2 hour parking Monday to Friday 8 am – 5 pm

St. Lawrence Street: East side residential only, west side unlimited parking. In front of the church: 2 hour parking Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 6 pm

Fisherman’s Wharf – paid parking