Our Team

Our Board of Directors

Dave Henderson (he/him)


“serious business”

Never wanting to lose a bet with his sister, Dave attended his first dance while at the University of Victoria. After a few rounds with Ballroom, he and a rogue group of swing inclined dancers broke free from the UVic Ballroom Club and started the UVic Swing Dance Club and LindyHoppers Anonymous (now named the Swing Dance Association of Victoria). After exploring to the edge of lindyhop and teaching a generation of Victoria LindyHoppers, he moved to Vancouver, then back to Victoria and has led a relatively quiet life... until now!


Anthony Carr (he/him)

Vice President

"Strollin' and Boppin'"

Having spent many an hour listening to his Granny’s collection of Rock and Roll cassette tapes as a kid, Anthony would never have thought that one day he’d actually learn how to dance to 50’s music. His Gran would be very proud. He describes himself as a social dancer above all else. And it has been whispered that he is rather partial to a tie and tie pin combination.


Catie Fissel (she/her)


“the sillier you feel, the better you look”

Raised on a strict diet of Big Band Swing, 60’s R&B, and old time Rock’n’Roll from infancy, Catie was primed and ready when asked if she’d like to dance. After attending a drop-in lesson from the University of Victoria Swing Dance Club, she was hooked for life. Catie enjoys being silly, Balboa, Lindy Hop, and flying through the air with the greatest of sometime ease.


Shannon Perkins Carr (she/her)


“It ain’t the meat it’s the motion”

Shannon started swing dancing in 2009 and hasn’t looked back since. She likes a good playful dance and has been known to giggle and even laugh uncontrollably on and off the dance floor. Just thought of a worthy addition: She loves spreadsheets almost as much as she loves dancing.


Ramona Scott (she/her)

Director at Large

"Happy Feet! I've got those Happy Feet!"

Ramona can be found on dance floors all over town. Her energy and enthusiasm are assets to the SDAV!


Liana Stammers (they/them)

Director at Large

"there and back again, just like swingouts"

Liana has returned to the island and SDAV after an adventure that took them dancing in the far reaches of London (no, not that one), Ontario. After getting introduced to UVic Swing Dance Club by some friends many moons ago, they've caught the lindy hop bug and never looked back. Lindy hop, balboa, and blues, they'll happily dance it all. You can find them tearing up the dance floor, trying not to fall over laughing from doing "totally on purpose variations", learning some new rhythms, teaching, DJing, being a safer spaces ambassador, nerding out about jazz, or chatting about the culture and history of vernacular jazz dance on dance floors near and far.


If you would like to join the Board of Directors, please send us an email at hello@swingvictoria.net