Fireside Music Chat with Avram - October 29, 2023

For our second Fireside Music Chat of 2023, we’re proud to announce that Avram McCagherty will be discussing jazz history, paying tribute to his mentors, and taking us through some of his favourite songs!

It’s all happening on October 29, from 1:30pm to 3:00pm, and tickets are on sale now!

Avram McCagherty

A professional musician working in a variety of genres and styles, Avram is a master of guitar, banjo, improvisation, and bandleading. Whether playing with the Capital City Syncopators, the Yiddish Columbia State Orchestra, or the Avram McCagherty trio, expect him to bring top-notch musicianship, inspired soloing, and solid accompaniment. 

Avram has a long history of providing music education, working with beginner learners all the way to advanced students, both as part of the education team at Larsen Music and in his private studio. 

If that wasn’t enough, he is also a booking agent and talent consultant for a variety of events, from a Hawaiian luau to an Irish kitchen party. We’re thrilled to have his unique combination of talents as a host for his own Fireside Music Chat!

SDAV’s Fireside Music Chats are a chance for our favourite musicians to take us behind the scenes of their creativity, influences, and interests in an intimate setting. They’ll bring stories, influential songs, and anecdotes from their careers, showing us their perspective on the music we love. Think of it as a private concert with more than just music!