Swing Social: Balboa with Matt and Angie - February 8, 2020


Thank You to all the Swing Socialites!

Thank you to everyone who came out and made Swing Social with Matt and Angie a success. Your smiling faces and shuffling feet brought us joy!

An extra big Thank You to Angie Weddell and Matt Lam for braving the BC Ferries and teaching such amazing classes.

Now, get ready for the next Swing Social!


Mark your calendars for February 8, 2020!

Teachers of many and Winners of much, Matt and Angie are coming to Victoria to spread the Balboa rhythm around!

Angie Weddell and Matt Lam both started swing dancing in 2008 and have danced together ever since. They travel regularly to compete in and learn at Lindy Hop and Balboa events in Canada and the United States, both their focus remains in their home scene of Vancouver, BC, where they are founding members of the Vancouver Swing Society, a non-profit dedicated to the study and enjoyment of vintage swing dances.

Doesn't matter if you are new to Balboa or have been dancing Bal for years, there will be something for everyone at this event.


4 Classes for everyone, plus one Challenge Class, and 1 Social Dance!

The first 4 classes are recommended for dancers who are comfortable with Balboa basics (up and down holds/regular and break rhythm), dancing Balboa socially, and have a desire to learn more and have fun.

The Challenge Class is recommended for dancers who have a combination of dancing experience and an enthusiasm for Balboa. You feel extremely comfortable dancing variety of tempos with a variety of partners and enjoy changing up footwork and moves to fit the music. To take this class, you must take the other 4 classes.

We understand if can be difficult to judge yourself. If you are unsure, ask a friend or send us a message or email.


Did you miss out on lessons or just want more Matt and Angie? Matt and Angie are available for private lessons. Private lessons are a fantastic way to have all the instructors attention and improve extra quickly.

Send us an email and we will put you in touch to schedule your private lesson!


Tentative Schedule: (subject to change)

Doors open for class sign in: 12:45pm

Class 1: 1pm - Fair and Balanced Foundations - everyone leads/everyone follows.

Class 2: 2pm - Better Living through Better Listening

Class 3: 3pm - You'll like to move it, move it!

Class 4: 4pm - All tempos, fast and slow

Class 5: 5pm - Challenge Class

Matt and Angie McGee's Social Dance: 7-9pm

A limited number of tickets for Matt and Angie's McGee's Social Dance will be available at the door.

$8 for SDAV members, $10 for non-members.


Location: Church of Truth - 111 Superior St, Victoria, BC