Swing Social Solo with Joel and Louise - March 12, 2022


Get ready to Spring into Swing and Swing into Spring on March 12, 2022!

Tickets are SOLD OUT!

We have 2 Super Early Bird Tickets for sale, available to members only.

We will only be selling 23 tickets total due to limits on class size.

(Please be careful. We have had scammers advertise tickets for sale to our event. If in doubt, contact us at sdaofvictoria@gmail.com or on our facebook page)

After a very long Covid hiatus Swing Social Dance workshops are back! We are starting with a fun, short, and sweet Solo Edition with Joel and Louise Schwarz to get our minds and bodies back into dancing form. This is a workshop for everyone, beginner and experienced dancers alike.

Joel and Louise Schwarz were swept up in the swing dance craze in 1999 and met in their first social dance class. For the past 21 years they have been studying and teaching vernacular jazz dance together. Joel and Louise are both drawn to the history of jazz dance and music. As well as studying many of the popular dances such as Lindy Hop, Balboa, Shag, Charleston, and solo jazz, they also enjoy learning some of the more rare partner dances. After a dance lifetime of living in Metro Vancouver, Joel and Louise have moved to Victoria! Throughout the pandemic, Joel and Louise have continued their daily dance regimen, but they greatly miss going out dancing, especially to live music, with their two young daughters.


Registration opens February 12 at Noon. Two Super Early Bird gets the Discount tickets are available for SDAV members to snatch up! The link for online registration will be posted on February 12!


Classes will be held in the James Bay Community Center School Activity Room.

140 Oswego St, Victoria

Free parking is available in the drive through lot on Simcoe St beside the field. Free street parking is also available.


Ryan Francois’s Jitterbug Stroll

The Jitterbug Stroll was choreographed by Ryan Francois way back in 1992. Once a very popular routine, we are excited to bring back the Jitterbug Stroll. This routine will be taught to Wood Chopper’s Ball.


Stops are mini routines that you can bust out in a solo jam circle or while partner dancing. These Stops have been taken from other long routines and chopped up by Joel and Louise to be the perfect bite-sized treat.

See if you can spot Joel and Louise doing a Stop Routine in these videos at the top of the page (answers at the bottom of page)

Schedule (subject to change)

1:00 pm - Doors and Registration. Show up for outdoor check in. Please have your QR Code Vaccine Record and Photo ID ready. If your Vaccine Record is from a different province or country, please email sdaofvictoria@gmail.com so we can have the correct checking app for you.

1:15 - 3:15 pm - Classes with a 20 minute rest break in between

3:15 - 3:45 pm - Open practice

4:00 pm - Out of the building. Beacon Hill Drive In for Ice Cream and fun!


Super Early Bird gets the Discount - available February 12 at Noon to SDAV members: $15 (only 2 tickets are available at this price)

Early Bird - February 12 - 26: $20 (member) / $25 (non-member)

Bird - February 27 - March 12: $25 (member) / $30 (non-member)

Bird at the Door: $30 (member) / $35 (non-member)

Things to Bring

Indoor shoes for dancing. We recommend shoes with suede or leather soles, though rubber would be okay.

Water bottle. Stay hydrated.

Towel. Stay dry.

Proof of Vaccination and Photo ID. You must be Fully Vaccinated to attend this event.

Mask. You must wear a mask for the entire event.

For the safety of attendees with allergies and sensitivities, please avoid wearing strong scents (perfume, cologne, scented lotion) at all SDAV events.

Check out the SDAV Covid Plan


Spring Fling 2018 Teacher Demo - time code: 1:32

Louise Schwarz- 39 and a half weeks pregnant and dancing with her Hubby - time code: 00:46

Won’t You Come Out and Play - time code: 1:51