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Swing Social: Shag and Balboa Shake Out Tickets NOW

July 16, noon to 5pm Tickets are on sale. Click the  TICKET LINK  to get your tickets now!  Two Super Early Bird are available for SDAV members to snatch up! If you buy tickets for someone other than yourself, please email to let us know who the tickets are for. More details available on our  website . Classes Beginner Shag - 2 Classes Maybe you learned to Shag 10 years ago, 2 years ago, or haven't learned yet. Come learn Shag basics for the first time or brush up those basics again in 2 fantastic classes with Shannon and Anthony. Beginner Balboa - 2 Classes You've seen the smooth shuffle out on the dance floor. If you've never done balboa or have done Red Hot Swing 3 classes this is the class for you! Or maybe you already dance Balboa but want a refresh of your basics, this is also the class for you! Come get that shuffley Balboa feeling going in 2 amazing classes with Jody and Jeff. Schedule  (subject to change) 12:15  - Doors and Registration. Sho

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Swing Social: Shag and Balboa Shake Out Tickets On Sale June 18th