Victoria Dancer Chat - Andrew Sanderson

This month's profile is Andrew Sanderson. 
You may know Andrew from social dancing every form of partner dance, DJing at all your favourite dances, or having held every position in SDAV.

1. What got you into dancing?
I was house sitting with a friend who asked me to go with him to the ballroom dance club at UVic. If I remember correctly he was interested in someone. I haven't stopped dancing since!

2. What kept you dancing?
The simple answer: the people! I can no longer imagine life without dancing. There was a wonderful group of people that welcomed me into their friend group. Suddenly there were people who treated me well and welcomed me into their world. I went from spending many hours in back to back beginner classes, to a vibrating waltz due to nerves at my first competition, to road trips, bi-weekly private lessons, traveling for competitions, Pender benders, tailored tail suits...yes two of them! Spotting Dave Henderson in one of the beginner classes was a wonderful surprise! As he mentioned we had known each other in our early teenage years. His and other friendships forged over the years have made significant contributions in my personal life.
Somewhere in that time swing dancing became popular! It has gone, from a fun social dance on the side of my ballroom training, to the main source of my dancing. Being encouraged by Kevin Savage to DJ has been a wonderful experience. I believe I kept asking him what song he was playing and after much encouragement from him I finally got myself organized and started to DJ. This has turned into a wonderful new challenge and excuse to add to my music collection. The dance community continues to be a significant part of my life that I am missing in a big way. This past month has been the longest that I have been without dancing. I will be forever grateful for all the friendships and support that I've been fortunate to receive over the years.

3. How has your dancing changed?
With much encouragement from some of my newer friends, I have been learning to introduce the silly into my dancing! From my more reserved personality it has been a fun adventure to let go and play with my partners and the music. With traveling to more traditional jazz festivals I have also added more Balboa into my dancing. Dancing to much faster music that I would've not even tried years ago!

4. What’s your best dance experience?
I find this to be a difficult and mostly impossible question to answer. There have been many highlights. I will mention three. The memories of dancing with my long time dancing partner and friend Jane. From our competitions, performances, and all the wonderful social dances. I'm still amazed that she has stuck with me all these years. Barefoot dancing to live music on the concert lawn at Butchart Gardens. Most recently The American Classic Jazz Festival in Olympia Washington. This was a four day weekend of amazing music and basically non-stop dancing with my traveling dance partner. The people at the festival were extremely friendly and there were dance floors, big and small, in various venues. I have never danced so much or so fast! The weekend finished with the festival taking over a local restaurant. If you want to see how to party go to a jazz festival after party!

5. What song do you always want to dance to?
Moon Ray by The Flying Saucers
So many memories from all the time spent dancing in front of them over the years!