Swing Social

Sadly, Swing Social: Lindy Hop has been postponed until it is safe to be together.

After a decade away, this pair of original Victoria hepcats are back.

Dave started dancing in 1998 and Catie started shortly after. Dave was a founding member of the Swing Dance Association of Victoria and soon Catie joined as Vice President. They regularly travel to learn and dance at Swing Dancing events in Canada and the United States, but what they most care about is social dancing to great music! Now they want to share their love of lindy hop with you.

4 Classes for everyone plus 1 Challenge Class, 1 Social Dance!
The first four classes are recommended for dancers who are comfortable with lindy hop basics (6 and 8 count basics), dancing lindy hop socially, familiar with the swing out, and have a desire to learn more.

The Challenge Class is recommended for dancers who have a combination of dancing experience and an enthusiasm for Lindy Hop. You feel extremely comfortable dancing Lindy Hop at a variety of tempos with a variety of partners and enjoy changing up footwork and moves to fit the music. Knowing and being extremely comfortable with swing outs is a must for the Challenge Class. To take this class, you must take the other four classes.

We understand it can be difficult to judge yourself. If you are unsure, ask a friend or send us a message or email.


The first two tickets are super discounted!

***Please note that there are no refunds or credits after purchase.


You must bring indoor dance shoes. We recommend shoes with suede or leather soles, though rubber would be okay.

For the safety of attendees with allergies and sensitivities, please avoid wearing strong scents (perfume/cologne, scented lotion) at this event.