Jazz Up Your Covid Blues 2

Music and dancing are expressions of the soul and with the recent Covid related precautions our souls continue to be a little down. Some of our favourite artists have been putting on virtual shows and as social distancing has continued more artists have started. This mix of prerecorded and live internet music have lifted our spirits and made us feel quite soulful again. We want to share with you and if you can, please donate to the musicians and share with your friends too.
Streaming Shows

Dave Harris

Dave Harris, a true scholar of the blues, usually found busking in the Inner Harbour or Fridays at Cup of Joe, now in your own home! He has played with all the Victoria greats, been a guest lecturer at the University of Victoria, and a pioneer One-Man-Band. Dave is thinking about doing some live facebook busking! Keep an eye and an ear out on his facebook pages and please send him some $$ on paypal at daveharrisonemanband@gmail.com.

Avram McCagherty
Avram is a local Victoria musician and banjo player who has founded and fronted some of our favourite bands in town, such as The Stomp Club, The Dixie Sweethearts, and The Capital City Syncopators. He has been posting delightful solo takes on jazz standards on his facebook page and will be doing live streams with Herman's Jazz Club, the next on May 3 at 3pm Keep an eye and an ear out on his facebook page and please send him some $$ via etransfer to avramyuval@gmail.com.

Bonnie Northgraves
Bonnie Northgraves is a Vancouver based multi-instrumentalist, band leader, and Jazz master. Check out her Jazz Story Time on youtube. Each episode Bonnie plays, explains, and tells stories about a favourite jazz song. Also, go buy her album!

Yoga on the Go
Claudia, a wonderful Vancouver dancer and Lindy Bout yogi wants you to stay calm and flexible with Yoga On The Go! Pricing and yoga for everyone!
"We're a group of yogi's, dancers, and fitness instructors that have banned together to support eachother and our community as we navigate the covid-19 crisis in our different cities. These are strange times that we find ourselves in and we believe it is important to work together to get through it."

Rhythm City Productions
Lucy, the Vancouver dancer, teacher, organizer, and performer is moving her company Rhythm City Productions onto Patron.
"Up until March 2020, we had been running dance classes and events in the city centre for dancers. Now we are exploring online dance and income options, since we are all looking out for each other by self-isolating, as we "flatten the curve" and ensure that our health system is not overburdened at this time."

Arnt Arntzen
Arnt Arntzen is a Vancouver musician who now resides in New York City. Known for his immense guitar and banjo playing, vocal range, and stomping feet, Arnt is a fixture in our hearts. Arnt is live streaming daily mini concerts on his facebook page at 3pm PST. These mini concerts are like busking, so if you can shoot him some $$ on paypal at arntarntzen@gmail.com. Also, buy his albums.

Jen Hodge
Jen Hodge, a Vancouver Island girl, fixture in the Vancouver music scene, and now musician in New York City. You know Jen as the Music Director at RCMA and Lindy Bout, purveyor of fine quarter notes, and also a bum kicking bass player. Check out Jen's facebook page and instagram for musical shenanigans. Also, buy her albums!

Bria Skonberg
Bria is a super talented multi-instrumentalist (trumpet and ukulele), singer, and song writer from Chiliwack. Now living in New York, Bria live streams wonderful mini-shows on Sunday mornings. Drop in, say hi, make a request, and send her some $$ on her paypal at bskonberg@gmail.com. Also, buy her albums!

The Swing Dance Association of Victoria will keep you updated of the musical and dance happenings as we can. Please remember to support the dancer and musician community during this tough time.
If there is someone we should feature, musician or dancer, please let us know and we will try to include them in our next update.

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